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Topics: Economics, Financial markets, Ethics Pages: 3 (481 words) Published: March 7, 2013

Module ‐ I Ethics & Business.

What is Ethics, Nature and scope of Ethics, Facts and value, Ethical subjectivism and Relativism, Moral Development (Kohlberg’s 6 stages of Moral Development), Ethics and Business, Myth of a moral business.

Decision making (Normal Dilemmas and Problems): Application of Ethical theories in Business (i) Utilitarianism (J.Bentham and J.S. Mill), (ii) Deontology (I. Kant) Virtue Ethics (Aristotle). Economic Justice: Distributive Justice, John Rawls Libertarian Justice (Robest Nozick) Ethical Issues in Functional Areas of Business. Marketing: Characteristics of Free and Perfect competitive market, Monopoly oligopoly, Ethics in Advertising (Truth in Advertising). Finance: Fairness and Efficiency in Financial Market, Insider Trading, Green Mail, Golden parchate. HR: Workers Right and Duties: Work place safety, sexual harassment, whistle blowing.

Module ‐ II Corporate Governance.

Origin and Development of Corporate governance, Theories underlying Corporate Governance (Stake holder’s theory and Stewardship theory, Agency theory, Separation of ownership and control, corporate Governance Mechanism: Anglo‐American Model, German Model, Japanese Model, Indian Model, OECD, emphasis on Corporate governance, Ethics and Governance, Process and Corporate Governance (Transparency Accountability and Empowerment).

Module ‐ III Role Players.

Role of Board of Directors and Board Structure, Role of Board of Directors, Role of the Non‐executive Director, Role of Auditors, SEBI Growth of Corporate Governance. Role of Government, Corporate governance in India, Kumaramangalam Birla Committee, CII, Report, Cadbury Committee.


Recommended Books:

1. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, C.S.V.Murthy, HPH

2. Business Ethics, Francis & Mishra, TMH

3. Corporate governance, Fernado, Pearson

4. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, S. Prabakaran, EB...
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