Faculty Development Programs

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This study sought to determine the relationship between faculty development programs for the academic years 2009-2012 and its effects on teaching performance in Vinzons Pilot High School in Camarines Norte. More specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: What is the profile of the English Teachers in terms of age, sex, and highest educational attainment? What are the different faculty development programs undertaken by Vinzons Pilot High School English Teachers for the Past Three Years? What are the Level of Teachers Performance in Vinzons Pilot High School in Camarines Norte for academic year 2009-2012? How do school heads manage and implement Faculty Development Programs? What are the Effects of Faculty Development Programs to Teachers’ Performance in Teaching English? The study revealed that there were different forms of faculty development programs undertaken by English teachers from Vinzons Pilot High School in Camarines Norte for the past three years; yet only the Seminar-Workshop was the most common form being attended by the teachers. Seven (7) out of thirteen (13) English teachers or 54% were given chance to attend in the regional level.

On the overall interpretation, the level of performance of English teachers in Vinzons Pilot High School in Camarines Norte is outstanding. i
Respondents believed the selection process of participants is mostly by the Principal’s Choice. Moreover, the study revealed that the most common form of sharing the knowledge and skills acquired from the faculty development programs were through submitting action plan. Most of the respondents said they given special task after attending such faculty development programs. Arising from these conclusions are the following recommendations: 1. Profile of the English teachers in terms of age, sex and highest educational attainment: Since female teachers in the Vinzons Pilot High School in Camarines Norte were found out numerous than male they are most chosen by the principal. They can deal with different faculty development programs that results them to have a better personality, teaching competency and classroom management, male teachers must be given further development trainings in these fields. Close monitoring of school administrators as regards to this aspect must also be implemented. 2. Different faculty development programs undertaken by Vinzons Pilot High School English teachers for the past three years: School Administrators must explore on the other faculty development programs for the teachers to avoid duplication and predictability of experiences. This could be one reason why this particular program no longer delivers the needed results in the teachers’ performance; ii

Teachers who attend any faculty development program must be required to conduct not only seminar-workshop and training but other forms like personal development and subject designated by the teacher; such as preparation of programs to be conducted for a definite duration (annual or semi- annual) among their students in English. This way, their training will actually be put into practice and actual results will be achieved and may be a new venue for research; School administrators must design a definite set of criteria for the selection of participants to various faculty development programs in all levels school based, provincial, regional, national and international. All faculty members must be given equal chances of attendance to such programs. 3. Level of English teachers performance in Vinzons Pilot high School in Camarines Norte for the Academic Year 2009-2012: Since ratings in personality, teaching competency and classroom management on the overall performance is outstanding the other statements involving there were also rated...
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