Faculty Choreographer's Showcase

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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I attended The Faculty Choreographers Showcase on Friday. Out of all the performances I watched during the showcase, two really made me think. I picked a piece that was easy for me to interpret, and the second, which I thought was the most difficult for me to interpret. Out of all the dances, some of them were obvious and some I couldn’t take anything from. I Irish Danced when I was younger for several years, earning medals and trophies. I quit because in my sense, I had accomplished all there was to accomplish with Irish Dancing. I could have kept on practicing and competing but my interest soon died as I completed the final stage. I’m taking this ballet class now because I’ve always loved ballet and wish I could be a ballerina from even a younger stage. My cousins are both Pointe ballerinas and I love watching them perform. The first piece I chose was “Vessel”, danced by Joy Guarino. Dr. Holly Bewlay sang the song “Ave Maria” and Joy connected with Dr. Bewlay. This piece was the hardest for me to interpret because I would make a conclusion about the meaning, then the dancer or the singer would do something and completely change my view. The beginning backdrop was red and white stars that later changed to more of a daylight color and reminded me of going from night to day. They way the dancer slowly appeared on the stage and later began twirling around and around constantly, looked as if she was a moon in orbit. The singer and the way she interacted with the dancer reminded me of the sun, and the mother-type, and the dancer was the moon, and as a child who is always connected to the mother. The dancer’s costume was purple under a brown shade and was very conservative and simple. The singer’s outfit, however, was opposite in color by having brown underneath the purple. I was pretty secure on my idea of the sun and moon, until both the singer and dancer began letting their hair down. I did not understand that at all, and began to question my theory. Thinking it...
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