Facts vs Imagination

Topics: Creativity, Charles Dickens, Education Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 1, 2008
Facts vs. Imagination

Facts are facts; they will not disappear whereas imagination will change as human being goes through different channels and growth. Charles Dickens was great renowned writer. In his story “Hard Times” he showed how students reacted when a teacher taught them only about facts. The students were uncomfortable. This made the students thought that studying and learning is not an easy task. But education is all about making hard things easier.

What is fact? Something that is true. And imagination is the ability to plan creativity. When fact and imagination pair up, the results are A+, outstanding and excellent. So, this make students learn true facts and create new ideas (inventions). As Edison said “To invent something, you need a good imagination and pile of junk (facts)”. So, true facts and creative imagination can make a human being walk towards the path of success.

“Facts are stupid things” – Ronald Regan.
This quotation doesn’t mean that facts are useless and meaningless. It means facts are not a primary factor but to build but to build it is complementary process. This process needs little imagination. An example- ghost doesn’t exist but when a person is alone and scared from darkness or other factors – there is a feeling of ghosts along with imagination. Here imagination surpasses fact. Fact is complimentary to education. Teaching fact based education seems to be unrealistic- students will be bored, they will be sleeping whole class and their creativity will be dumped in garbage. There is one more problem with facts is that there are so many of them. Imagination is like building castles in air. It’s the creative side of the human being. But dreaming, daydreaming, and nightmares are also imagination. Just like another side of coin. Now here is a fact about imagination: 75% of teens are good at imagining unreal things. Teens will spent a whole day dreaming about their success in exams, sports and their...
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