Facts About Smoking

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Vincent Bang
Period 1 September 24, 2010 Facts about Smoking Essay

Many people in the United States smoke for many reasons. Some reasons include being stressed out, trying to be popular, or their friends are doing it. Other people know that smoking can shorten your life, cause bad breath, and increase risks of disease, etc. Many people in the United States today don’t smoke because they are aware of the risks of smoking. People who have smoked before are trying to give up smoking for good. Here are some truthful facts about smoking.

There are more than 4,000 chemicals located in a cigarette, and there are probably more than 40 chemicals located in cigarettes called carcinogens. When a smoker inhales a puff from a cigarette, they are inhaling the chemicals found inside the cigarette and these chemicals include tar, Hydrogen Cyanide, Benzene, Acetone, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, and the most addictive chemical in a cigarette is Nicotine which causes the smoker’s body to start having a craving to smoke even more. There is also another type of smoking called Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) also known as Secondhand smoke and secondhand smoking is when a person breathes in smoke coming from the smoker. Secondhand smoke can kill about up to 3,000 nonsmokers per year in the United States because the nonsmokers develop lung cancer. Whenever a nonsmoker breathes in smoke, they could get wheezing, coughing, colds, earaches, and even asthma attacks.

Probably about 3,000 or more kids and teenagers begin to smoke before they turn 18 years old every day in the United States. About approximately about 1,200 Americans perish from diseases that...
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