Facts about Mount Vesuvius

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Mount Vesuvius is probably the most famous volcano EVER! I wrote a couple of interesting facts that you can copy and paste freely for your term paper or geography project.

* Situated in Naples, Italy, Mount Vesuvius which is 19, 000 years old is a stratovolcano. This volcano can be recognized even from a distance, due to its characteristic feature of a 'humpback' mountain. Volcanoes are classified according to their shapes and Mount Vesuvius is a stratovolcano.

* Volcanoes are grouped according to their shapes and Mount Vesuvius is a stratovolcano. Stratovolcano is a term given to volcanoes which have a pointed shape, shaped due to the deposits of volcanic ash, asphalt, hardened lava etc.

* Mount Vesuvius is a volcano within a volcano. The stature of the outer cone is estimated 4,202 feet high, while the inner one measures 3,770 feet (1,149 m). The cones are separated by a 5 km long valley which is named as Atrio di Cavalio.

* In the present, the devastating volcano has been renewed into a tourist destination, with people from across the globe travelling to Naples just to examine the crater that once gave us a horrifying shock. The National Park of Vesuvius was established in the year 1995, which provides guided tours within 200 meter radius of the summit.

* There have been no reports of its activity, though it is still classified to be an active volcano. Sometimes smoke can be seen emanating from the crater of the mountain, even in the absence eruption signs.

* Vesuvius erupted in 18th century (6 times) and also in the 19th century, especially in 1872. In the 20th century, it erupted in 1906, 1929 and 1944 witnessed its last eruption. These eruptions were not so forceful as to cause huge damage like the 79 AD one.

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