Facts About Death of a Salesman

Topics: Family, Marriage, American Dream Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Death of a Salesman

Major themes of the book: American Dream, tagic heroes, tragedy, family relationships

Important questions:
What is the American Dream for the American society?
It is something important in the American way of thinking. Even though most of them can’t live that kind of life. Why is being “well liked” so important for Willy Loman?
He thinks being well liked is connected with success. In fact there is no real connection between those two. How is someone’s identity formed?
The identity is something that is influenced by many things. (For example: the dreams, (career) choices, hopes, dreams and also family origin of the person.)

The Plot
Willy Loman is an aged salesman, who always comes home exhausted. His wife Linda is worried about him, because of his car crashes and his state of mind in the last time. Linda wanted him to ask his boss for a job in town, so does not have to drive so far. After getting angry because Willy’s boss does not want him to work in town, he fires the salesman. Willy does not tell his family about his unemployment and borrows money from his successful friend instead. This man offers Willy a job but he is too proud to take it. Happy and Biff, Willy’s sons, grew old and moved out already. The younger one, Happy, mostly lived in his brother’s shadow, searching for the parent’s attention. He dreams of being successful in life but he is an immature womanizer. Biff was a high school football star. Willy supported him and wanted him to go to college. When he caught his dad with his affair in Boston, he was against every will of his dad. So he did not finish his high school degree and did small jobs to get along. After a discussion, when Biff makes Willy understand that he won’t be a special successful man and asks him to accept that, Willy notices how much his son loves him. He simulates a car crash and kills himself, so his family can profit from the live insurance money.

Willy Loman
Willy Loman is a man...
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