Factors Which Discourage Students from Involving in Entrepreneurship

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Theme: Higher Education in Public Sector in Malaysia.

Topic: Factors which discourage Students from Involving in Entrepreneurship

Specific Purpose: I would like to inform my audience the reasons why students become discouraged from participating in entrepreneurship.

Central Ideas: Students tend to refrain themselves from involving in entrepreneurship due to lack of self-confidence, lack of funding, and low level of awareness.


I. Attention getter: Questions to the audience and ask them to respond by raising their hand. Questions to be asked are: • In five years-time, who would want to have your own car, own house, and lots of money to shop around and buy things you desire? • Who would want to work in the office with fixed salary? • Who would want to open their own entrepreneurship? • Who are not sure yet?

II. Reveal topic: Factors that discourage students from involving in entrepreneurship.

III. Establish credibility: The government have been offering programmes to encourage students to start their own entrepreneurship. UiTM itself have been promoting entrepreneurship spirit among its student. Yet, there are not many students who are passionate enough and actually start their own small business.

IV. Preview: Students tend to refrain themselves from involving in entrepreneurship due to lack of confidence, short of capital resources, and low awareness of entrepreneurship programmes offered.

(Transisition: Today, I will highlight one of the factors that discourage the entrepreneurship will among students, which is lack of self-confidence.)


I. Lack of confidence due to insufficient experience.

A. Lack of entrepreneurship skills.
1. Students were held back since they are not sure whether they possess the necessary skills to manage a business. 2. They lack the communications skills which is crucial in entrepreneurship. 3....
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