Factors That Led to the Failure of the Malayan Union

Topics: Malayan Union, Malaysia, Malay states Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: August 31, 2012
Factors that led to the failure of the Malayan Union

As the result of the opposition from the local people the Malayan Union was not implemented. There have several factors that led to the failure of the Malayan Union.

Strong opposition from the Malays is one of the factors that led to the failure of the Malayan Union. Malayan Union has no support from Malay rulers and Malays. Rulers lost sovereignty and power and Malays lost special privileges. Malayan Union said to favors non-Malay and putting Malays at a disadvantage. This means the suggestion to set up the Malayan Union stirred up a strong sense of nationalism among the Malays.

The Malayan Union also has no strong support from the non-Malays. The non-Malays did not show much interest because British postponed the enforcement of citizenship rights. They not interested in political developments in Malaya. They still showed allegiance towards country of origin. They also not ready for drastic change yet. Felt British should concentrate on improving conditions in Malaya. Malaya was not stable politically, economically and socially. They still have strong communal feelings. Not happy too because union did not include Singapore.

The other factor is they have wrong timing. Communal feelings and hostility still existed between the Malays and the Chinese as a result of the Japanese Occupation. The conditions in Malaya then were still not really peaceful. Social and economic problems were obvious. The Malayan Union was accused of putting the Malays at disadvantages and favoring the non-Malays. Malay loyalty to their ruler and state was still strong.

They also have wrong introduction. The Union was drawn up in London without taking into account the situation and wishes of the people in Malaya. There was also strong objection to the use of political blackmail to get the agreement signed.

While they have strong opposition from the Malays, they also have opposition from former British administrators...
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