Factors That Led to American Colonization

Topics: Slavery, Christianity, Colonialism Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Today, many people see America to be the land of opportunity and wealth. During the beginnings of the New World, this fact was relevant to the Europeans as well. England began colonizing America in the 1600s, when religion became very difficult, British had to obey the Catholic Church or they would get killed. This created the largest migrations in written history. The Great Migration in search of a new life free from persecution and open to numerous opportunities. The Puritanism was a form of Protestantism in England.

The Puritans are people, who believe in predestination, because of their religious conflict with the Church of England and as a result of the persecution they were forced to leave England. The puritans were extremely faithful in their practices and often times went to radical measures to profess their faith. They believe by coming here they could spread Christianity. They wanted their children to grow up in an environment where they can fully practice their beliefs without oppression. More than simply for religious freedom immigrants also thought of their economy.

Slavery played a huge role when increasing their economy system. Slaves were imported from the English to work on the plantations. These slaves soon made up a majority of the population in South Carolina. It was not long before slavery was to become primary of the economy in the entire south. However, along with them slaves also brought plenty of new diseases and harsh treatment of one another were also present. Slavery helped their economy but it also killed plenty people.

Finally, After creating a convenient slave trade system they dedicated themselves in becoming more powerful, making slaves work harder to produce more goods and gain more land. I personally believe that Religion, the slave system trade, money and power where the mayor factors for the colonization of America. The English had expanded their coastal colonies and maintained steady control along the way. They...
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