Factors That Effect a Childs Development

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Factors that affect a child's development

Physical- Low income means that they will have a small house and it would be like being stuck in a pen. They might not have a garden with the house, meaning the child doesn't get excersice outside during play which may include running. This will slow down there physical development. Interlecture- They might not have internet access and would have to go to the library. However if a child's parents are on drugs then they may not take them to the library. This will lead to the child having a lack in their development of skills. Language- If a parent is a drug abuser then the child has no contact or speech with them. This can effect the child's communication towards anyone. Emotional- If a parent has a low income then they may take out their stress from that on their child and start neglecting them. Also a low income can mean the child's parents cant afford to feed or care for their child which is also neglect. The child may get bullied because their parents can't afford new clothes for them and they may be dirty all the time. This can effect the child's emotional development. Making them shy and timid, they may become voilent and retaliate towards schooll work. Social- The child may live in a ruff area and they may not be able to go out, as it isn't safe to go out. They could lose friends because they haven't been able to go out and also because of the area they live in they may get judged as being the wrong type to hang around with. The child may then become lonely. Inherited conditions

Downsydrome- The childs emotional development may get affected, as they will struggle to understand facial expressions and over peoples emotions. They may also struggle to show their feelings. Downsyndrome affects a childs behaviour because they are so childlike, this can affect their characteristics. Dwarfism- A child's physical development will be affected if they have dwarfism. This is because they can't function as quick...
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