Factors That Caused Germany to Lose World War I

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Why did Germany lose the War?
Germany lost the war for many reasons, but the main reason for their loss, was their failure to prevent the blockade in 1918. The British naval were biting Germany hard as over a 350,000 Germans had died from starvation in 1917 and the numbers increased in the next year. Demonstrations and strikes were performed in the northern cities of Germany as many of the civilians demanded an end to the war. There are many reasons why Germany lost World War One. One major reason was because of the British Blockade of German Ships. The British Navy controlled the North Sea with their dreadnoughts. There was one major battle for the sea. It was the battle of Jutland, which was the most vital sea battle. Even though the Germans sunk more allied ships than the Allies against them, the German navy was still pushed back into port. The advancing technology, especially in weapons like mines and depth charges became invaluable to the British Navy to battle Submarines, and to keep the German Navy at bay. The British Blockade of Germany was one reason, why so many German prisoners were taken. They were hungry and fed up of the war. Back home in Germany, it wasn't much different. The German citizens were also starving, and the situation was getting worse by every day. In Germany in 1916, the adult meat ration for one week was the equivalent of two burgers in a modern fast-food restaurant. Faith in the Kaiser was reducing. The German public were putting pressure on the Government to stop fighting, to stop the war. The British Blockade also sunk any German ships that they found. The sinking of German Ships cut supplies of food and Nitrates to Germany - Nitrate being vital for the making of explosives for the army, and fertiliser for the farmers. The result of the British Blockade was that over 300,000 German died due to malnutrition during the 1914-1918 period (as I mentioned earlier). The advances in Aircraft Technology made Aeroplanes able to take-off and...
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