Factors That Affect Job Selection

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Literature Review3
Gaming Industry in Macau3
Career choice4
Friends/relatives in casino industry7
Working experience in casino8
A. Respondents10
B. Procedures10
C. Measurements10
Results/ Data analysis12
Descriptive statistics12
Hypotheses Testing13
Management Implications17

As everyone knows, Macau is a place which economy relies on tourism and gaming industry; in recent year, the economy of Macau is developing dramatically, the main factor makes the economic growth in Macau is the liberalization of gaming industry.

Because of the liberalization of gaming industry, it makes a lot of employment opportunity in Macau and there are more and more people throwing themselves into gaming work. According to the DSEC, the employed population in Cultural, recreational, gambling and other services has increased to 68.1 thousands from 20.5 thousands during 2000 1st Quarter to 2007 2nd Quarter. And lots of people who work in casino are very young; most of them are fresh graduated from secondary school or are studying in university.

The purpose for this research is to assess how students think about the gaming industry, whether they will choose gaming industry as their career, and how they change their thought about working in casino after the liberalization of gaming industry. This research can provide some views to gaming companies that how they maintain and improve their image to attract young talents to work for them.

Literature Review
Gaming Industry in Macau
When the 16th century, Macao first opened the harbor to the visitors, and gaming was growing. At that time, gaming was popular among the workers and was operated by the bankers themselves. In 1847, the Macau’s Portuguese government legalized gaming for the first time. Due to booming of gaming industry, gaming tax is the main income for the government in the late 19th century. In 1986, the Legislative Assembly had granted the maximum number of gaming concessions are three.

In August 2001, the Legislative Assembly of Macao passed the Law no. 16/2001 “Legal Framework for the Operations of Casino Games of Fortune”, which stipulated the operation requirement, eligibility of major shareholders and management of the casinos and gaming tax that should be submitted.

On 8 February 2002, the Macao SAR announced the results of the bidding, and concession was granted to Sociedade de Jogos de Macau ("SJM"), a subsidiary of STDM, Galaxy Casino, S.A. ("Galaxy") and Wynn Resorts (Macao) S.A. ("Wynn"). The concession contracts for the operation of casino games of fortune were signed on 28 March, 24 and 26 June respectively. In December of the same year, the Macao SAR had made an alteration on the Galaxy's Concession Contract, which is, to allow Galaxy to have a sub-concession relationship with the Venetians Macao S.A. ("Venetian"). Following the issuance of the first sub-concession, the SJM and the Wynn had also subsequently signed a sub-concession with the MGM Grand Paradise, S.A. ("MGM") and the Melco PBL Jogos (Macau), S.A. ("Melco PBL") on April 20, 2005 and September 8, 2006 respectively. When the winners granted the concession were announced, besides SJM, the remaining concessionaires and sub-concessionaire all required time to construct their casinos and other related facilities. As of the year end of 2006, there were a total of 24 casinos in Macao, with 19 casinos located in the Macao Peninsula and 5 casinos in the Taipa Island. Among the total number of casinos, the SJM has 17 casinos, Galaxy has 5 casinos, the Venetian and the Wynn has 1 casino each. (DICJ, 2007)

Gaming industry is the leading position in Macau tourism. More and More casinos were established, more and more human resources of gambling industry needs. In this recently years, a lot of people work in...
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