Factors of Supply and Demand

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Factors of Supply And Demand
Chad M. Lass
Rasmussen College

Author Note
This essay is being submitted on April 13, 2012, for Tim Nebosis’ B136/GEB1011 Section 27 Introduction to Business class.

Factors of Supply And Demand
The fast food chain that I chose to examine is White Castle. They are relatively new to the St. Cloud area and I think that some of the supply and demand factors that I am going to discuss may have already affected their sales. Two supply factors that would make an impact on White Castle would be the price of bread or the grain that it is made of and secondly oil, or more specifically, the price of the vegetables that the oil is made of. If there were a shortage of the wheat that makes the flour, which in turn makes the bread at the bakery that they use to serve their hamburgers, they may need to look for another supplier. This could possibly incur additional costs in both the purchasing of the supply from another vendor and to pay someone to look for a reasonable substitute for their current vendor’s shortage. If a shortage of grain is not a factor, any number of natural disasters or acts of God could damage and shut down the supplier’s facility that they purchase their bread products from. This again would cost the company more money as they would have to find substitutes for their supplier’s shortage. If the price of vegetables goes on the rise due to a drought, the cost of vegetable oil production may also rise; this would cost the company part of its profits and therefore negatively impact them. If the machinery that refines the oil at the manufacturer breaks down or becomes unusable for any length of time, production for that type of oil could be affected, which could drive prices up therefore causing profit shortages. Two factors that I believe would affect the business on the demand side would be the cost and quality of the food they sell. If the food that they sell is priced too high or too low, they could experience...
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