Factors of Job Satisfiers Affecting Product Sales Turnover

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 47 (9180 words) Published: October 5, 2012


Managers are faced with the challenges of how to have quick product sales turnover through available resources like raw materials, machines and human beings employed. In order to have effectively and efficiently maximized all resources, to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization, discovery of human resource management proved to be secret of the achievement

Due to complexity of human behavior and the dynamics of organizational circumstances, many employees have been non-challant about the use of machines, such that they fail to ensure maintenance services, some waste raw materials and sometimes disseminate information that can scare customers.

Often time is difficult to point out the employee articulating the upheaval, which is simultaneous reaction of the workers. In this situation, production and sales decline, as buyers switch to alternative products. Demands and supply become retrogressive also when deadly news circulate, like recent news that indomie kills.

Managing workers in such manner will jeopardize the chances of the organization realizing their set goals and objectives. Nigerian situation and circumstances cannot be over-emphasized as Harbinson F (2010) has succinctly explained that human resources constitute the ultimate basis for the wealth of the nation.

Capital and natural resources are passive factors of production, human beings are the active agents who accumulate wealth, explore natural resources, build social, economic and political organizations and carry forward national development when they are in good state of mind, physically and psychologically.

In furtherance of the centrality of the employees or human resources as the basis for product sales turnover, management policies and strategies should fully support the dynamics around the behavior of workers in the organization to facilitate their optimum usage and performance.

Maslow viewed this as drives which could be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic or inner drives pushes or propels employees toward employer’s interest like interpersonal relationships, while working condition like free accommodation, car etc are extrinsic drives, the mirror image of employer, which fuel the employees.

All these attract workers to put in their best, employer must try to satisfy these basic needs in their own capacity and take into consideration additional and extra-ordinary needs of individual worker. With these the mind of the employee is concentrated on maximizing his potential.

Turnover is ability to get more profit through quick delivery of products for sale per unit time, this is hallmark of any manufacturing industry and most business organization. High turnover refers to making high returns in the shortest possible time, maximizing input without sacrificing quality and with minimum wastage.

Turnover is synonymous to revenue and sales for the company, it is ratio of annual sales to inventory or equivalently, the fraction of an investment returns. Is also a broad measure of a company’s sales as a result of eagerness of employees to sell on the basis of incentives like commission or additional allowance for overtime.

Improvement for higher output could take form of better quality and packaging from usual input and also through dissemination of good, need oriented information and well packaged advert especially through drivers of improvement namely; products, process, service, organizational innovations and upgrading of human and physical capital.

This effect of product sales turnover eventually has impact on the economy of a nation as a whole, the sector of the industry, the company, the business unit and the human resource. Booming industries will have no reason to downsize and when people are empowered, corruption, robbery and other crisis will drastically reduce.

This research is intended to establish a relationship between product sales turnover and the factors that...
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