Factors Likely to Influence Current and Future Patterns of Health in the Uk.

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Factors likely to influence current and future patterns of health in the UK. Socio-economic factors that can influence patterns of health. Family up bringing/background: If a child or person (adult) has a poor upbringing or background, they may be at risk of certain diseases, if they lived in a house where it was poor condition (damp, mould on the walls or floors, the mother or father not washing the child’s clothes, leaving a baby in a dirty nappy) all these can cause problems, also if the family live in a high crime rate area, the child/children may be influenced by older peers/friends to commit crimes and offences, the influenced children may become criminals, and give the impression when they have children of their own that stealing and committing crimes is right ant then they possibly start smoking, drinking which can have a massive impact on their health too. The location of where the child/family live can be a problem/issue as well, the house may be in a bad environment, the environment they live in may be dirty because of rubbish been left out on the streets, because of no space left in the wheelie bins for the excess rubbish. If the children’s house is dirty and smelly then they might think that it is the way too live and bring their children up like that then when they have children it will be the same for loads of generations too come. Rats or other animals like dogs or cats may get into the bin bags, eat the left over food that might have been left there for a couple of days (which may have a disease on it) when the dog/cat or even rat eats the rotten food, the cats and dogs especially could spread the disease by going back in to the house and a child touching the dog, or letting the dog lick their hands or face, when you are a baby, you can’t help put things or your hands in your mouth so when the dog licks the babies hands they may put them in their mouth, which spreads the infection from the rotten food to them, there mother or father or sibling...
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