Factors Influencing Media and Media Reports in Nigeria

Topics: Mass media, Culture, Sociology Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: November 28, 2012
By Chidera onyemenam

As comprehensive as this topic might seem, factors influencing media as it concerns structure, number of outlets and contents can be broadly classified into two.                               a) EXTERNAL FACTORS                               b) INTERNAL FACTORS

EXTERNAL FACTORS: this covers the influence on the media as a result of the environment within which the mass media communication system operates. They include:                               i)cultural influence                               ii) influence of the Economy                               iii) political influence                                iv)Religious influence                               v)  Legal influence                               vi) Technological influence                               vii)Influence of Security

INTERNAL FACTORS: theses are influences on the media that take place inside the media organisation. It is not readily obvious to the entire populace. Some of these influences are even denied by the media workforce. Some of these factors include:                                 i)Media bias                                 ii) Ownership control                                 iii)Wealth

                                iv)  Threats

Both classified factors are instrumental to the state of the media in Nigeria. In this regard, the state of media in Nigeria differs from that in south Africa, since the conditions in which they both operate, differ. This chapter seeks to identify and explain these different conditions and factors and how they directly affect our country Nigeria. 

                                        EXTERNAL FACTORS                                   CULTURAL INFLUENCE

        Culture as defined by Clyde Wuckhohn (1905-1960) an influential American anthropologist is the total way of life commonly followed by the members of a society. He also describes it as a social legacy that an individual acquires from his group....
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