Factors Influencing International Student Enrollment at Apiit/Ucti

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction
1.1 Tittle

Factors Influencing International Student Enrollment at APIIT/UCTI

1.2 Background of the Research

Malaysia Higher Education has been looking in a reasonable boom that recently happened in the influx of enrollment international students from around the world. This boom has been as a result of Malaysia government for coming out with a policy and vision of making Malaysia as a Centre and hub of educational excellence, and putting series of reforms and changes in place to achieve its vision (Financial Express, 2010). Malaysia’s International Education sector has been grew tremendously during the past decade and Malaysia is fast to becoming a Centre of educational excellence in the Asia Pacific Region. According to Chi Melissa (2011), the number of International Student population in Malaysia has risen until 90,000 above or the equivalent of approximately two per cent of the total international student population in the world as of June in 2011.

Malaysia Government has played their part in order to supporting the education initiative by closely monitoring of educational practices in public and private higher education executed by higher educational institutions, via Malaysian Education Ministries through quality control authorities of each divisions (MOHE, 2009). Malaysia Government also encourage institutes of higher education including private institutions to be aggressively involved in various education marketing and educational programs with the ministry, organizing education exhibitions overseas and cooperating with world famous or renowned education institutes in order to establish the high of confidence among international students itself (MOHE, 2009).

According to MOHE (2009), most of International Student is coming from China, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Yemen, Botswana, Sudan, Iraq, and Pakistan. However there are also International student from other country such as, Somalia, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Rep. of Korea, Kenya, Vietnam, United Rep. of Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Jordan, and many more.

The reason why Malaysia is become attractive sector in higher education to international students that are many of them. The reasons which are the affordable cost of tuition fees and affordable living expenses as low as USD3,200 per year, which cannot be compared to other foreign or western countries cost of tuition fees and cost of living, the wide use of English language which is make it easier for the international students since English language is the most widely accepted language around the world, hassle free immigration procedures which enable the international students who wish to study in Malaysia to have easily entry into Malaysian educational institution, and for economy sounds stable and socially safe country with low crime rate and worldwide acceptance of Malaysian standard education (University Malaysia, 2012).

1.3 Defining of the Problem Statement

Higher Education in Malaysia has more enthusiasts every year; in 2011 the number of Internationals Students in Malaysia has been reach 90,000 (Chi Melissa, 2011). All the numbers has been spread to more than 450 Universities that scattered throughout Malaysia, with 62 International Universities that provide full higher education for international student from all over the world (Cubicone, 2011). Each University offers many variation of learning standardization, with the aim to attract more international student to continue the higher study in Malaysia.

APIIT/UCTI also labeled as an international university, which accommodate international student to join with the university. In this research will found out about the reasons that APIIT/UCTI chosen as the destination for the international student instead of other international universities in Malaysia, the factors that APIIT/UCTI can influence the international student to join the university. The main problem is lies in...
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