Factors Influencing Food Availability and Selection

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Discuss how food availability and selection is influences by physiological, psychological and social factors. Use specific examples. -Introduction
-Food choices we make vary from person to person…are individual… -Food choices are affected by a variety of factors…
-Food choices we make say a lot about us.
-Informed decisions when selected food are essential for a happy and healthy life -Food selection is influenced by physiological, psychological and social factors… -Food is essential for life and informed decisions when selecting foods are important for a happy and healthy life  Body

Physiological factors
-Nutritional requirements- age, gender, body size, physical activity, health status e.g. allergy, diabetes, pregnancy/locating -Reactions to food – colour, shape, flavour, appearance, turgor. Psychological factors

-Attitudes and experiences
Define each (3) and give some examples
Social factors
-Culture and traditions- define, examples: family traditions, easter etc -Lifestyle: employment (both parents work, less time for foos prepareation- convenience foods, take away), education (informed about food up will make good decisions), household sturctures and roles (whay do family members do? Spoer, social commitments, who is in the family?) , geographoic locations and climate (coast- seafood, winter- warn foods, summer- salads) , travel and other interests -Social interaction”: peer group (make choices that your friends make) , hospitatlity at home (entertaining) -The media (influences of advertising)

-In conclusions you can see….
-In conclusions it is obvious that…
-The importance of food selections is obvious and has a real impact on people’s lives…
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