Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Behavior

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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The objectives of this study are:
1) To investigate the relationship between factors and consumer purchase behaviour. 2) To identify factors influencing consumer purchase behaviour. 3) To illustrate purchase behaviour which result in product growth across cosmetic market. Problem Statements

Process of buying decision by consumers on certain product is an important issue that previous researchers have studied years ago and it is still continues until present days. Growing recognition of limitations in the ability of individual consumer characteristics to explain variation in buyer behaviour has prompted a number of appeals to examine situational influences on behaviour (Belk, 1975). A company would think that preparing a “good product” would attract the consumers to buy their products. Unfortunately, it is neither as simple nor as straightforward. Indeed, the company still have not continuously succeeded in marketing their product for a long time period. This is because the purchase behaviour of consumers keeps on varying from time to time. So, this research will examine factors that influencing consumers on their buying behaviour as which later will offer some thoughts towards the marketers in improving their sales. Scope of the study

The scope of this study is will focus on respondents of both male and female with age range from 19 years old until 35 years old that live in Shah Alam District. The target market will be cosmetic products. Significant of study

The relevant of this study will eventually providing information for cosmetic’s manufacturers about the important factors which directly impact on the consumer themselves. As these factors will influence their purchase decision process, cosmetic’s manufacturers can get the ideas in improving their sales.