Factors Increasing Crime Rate in the Bahamas

Topics: Crime, Culture, The Bahamas Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: June 13, 2011
Factors affecting the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas

When most tourists think of the Bahamas the picture of clean green pristine care free island paradise comes to mind as advertised and promoted around the world. Many of the tourists do not see the other side of the picture as shown on the brochure. The people of the Bahamas who live in the country everyday have to endure the other side of the brochure which is the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas. The people of the these islands are known as some of the most peaceful and fun love people in the world this can even be traced back to the peace Lucayan Indians who once inhabited these islands a few centuries ago. Slowly over time the Bahamas had become plagued with crime and violence so much as it played a role in our history as in the days of the pirate and bootleggers. Crime eventually became a part of the Bahamian society until the former governor of the Bahamas Woodes Rodgers exiled all of the pirates and those who remain integrated themselves in to society. Crime never was really totally dispelled form the Bahamas but it was under control but in recent years there has been a major increase in the crime rate in the Bahamas. Some factors which may be affecting this increase in the crime rate are dysfunctional household environment, a poor educational background and a negative cultural influence on the Bahamian society. A dysfunctional household may be one of the leading factors which may result in the leading increase in the rate of crime in the Bahamian society. Every house hold is not perfect but in order to maintain a civil or peaceful society there must be some form of formal wholesome structure within a family house hold. In some cases the breakdown of these house hold may lead to deterioration in society which in turn may result to crime. Single parent homes provide a very difficult environment for children to grow up in. One parent takes on the duties and responsibilities of both which...
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