Factors in Worker Moral and Job Satisfaction

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Worker morale and job satisfaction is a topic that should be thoroughly thought about and contemplated by managers, CEO'S, workers, or any other type of position held in the business world. The word morale means, the state of the spirits of a person or group as exhibited by confidence, cheerfulness, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned tasks. The word satisfaction relating to workers means, the fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or task that a worker feels necessary or gets pleasure or contentment from this. To be satisfied a worker must feel a sense of gratification. In this paper I will be talking about ways to boost worker morale and job satisfaction, ways to maintain it, things that would lower worker morale and job satisfaction, and specifics that relate to the topic and its functions in business. Topics such as the environment workers have to work in, benefits, bonus', factors in self-esteem, courtesy, and so on will also be discussed in the paper.

Factors of morale and satisfaction-
"With worker morale, there isn't one thing that we can throw a dart at and say, `If we do this, we're going to increase worker morale by 50 percent. It's not that simple of a formula. There's a lot of contributing factors,"(2) said Ed Rovetto, president of Rovetto Design Group Inc., an interior design firm in Troy. This point shows just how important and how many little details there are entailing this topic. There are certain things/factors that will effect a workers morale and satisfaction. These factors may not be blunt, however, they are taken seriously and could have a large impact on a workers motivation.. In business workers work to earn money. They put in their hours so that they could support themselves, a family, and buy things for leisure such as a new car or a new boat or the vacation they have been planning for so long. These things cannot be achieved without the worker being given the best possible position that they could earn. Another factor is that the worker need to feel wanted and comfortable at the position. If they are being treated unfairly, or feel that they are just being given busy work, then this could seriously effect the motivation, and morale of the worker. Is the person you are working for appreciating the work you do? Are they telling you that you are doing a good job or are they dismissing the work that you put in? These examples and these questions are factors that need to be looked into. "Increasing

job satisfaction is important for its humanitarian value and for its financial benefit (due to its effect on employee behavior.) As early as 1918, Edward Thorndike explored the relationship between work and satisfaction in the Journal of Applied Psychology." His studies

have showed that employees with higher job satisfaction include employees that believe the organization will be satisfying and successful in the long run, employees that care about their work, they are more committed to the organization, have higher retention rates and are more productive."(1) These factors all lead to the morale of the worker and how satisfied they are with their job and position they are in. Other factors such as the environment of the work space are also important to a worker. The factors in order believed to be most important through the worker's themselves in a survey says the "opportunity" is the most important factor in workers being satisfied.. Following this factor in order is "stress, leadership, work standards, fair rewards, and adequate authority."(1) All of these factors could lead to a promising or dim organization.

Actions and ways to boost worker morale and job satisfaction- "Companies today are really looking at ways to boost morale." It is evident that...
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