Factors in Interpersonal Relationships

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  • Published : October 27, 2008
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Close relationships with the people around us are important to our social existence, but how do we form these relationships? Key factors in Interpersonal Attraction have shown that people are mostly attracted to those they find physically attractive and are geographically close. But why and how are we attracted to certain individuals? We Must first understand how we form impressions of others. First impressions have a great impact on us when we first meet someone, even if it is for a short period, we formulate an impression of them, and we account for the positive and negative characteristics of that individual. Even though the person’s attitude may change to contradict the first impression, we tend to accept the first perception of that person. Most people look for the positive in an individual, however if a negative outlook is given it often over powers the entire positive in that person. Some factors which have been researched and considered important in determining whether or not we may find another attractive, are, Physical Attraction, Proximity, Similarity, Complimentarity and Effects of Frustration. Physical attraction is one of the most potent variables at the beginning of a relationship; however, this diminishes in time. People who are classed as physically attractive may often be liked better than those who are viewed as unattractive. According to Bassili (1981) this kind of judgement may influence other people to expect additional positive qualities, and certain behaviour in the attractive person, even assuming that the attractive person is socially better. E.g.: If a man is very handsome, people may expect him to be courteous too, and they may think him courteous even if it is not a part of his character. Proximity is another strong factor in interpersonal attraction; you must share physical closeness in order to meet. You are more likely to become friends with someone who you can access easier, than...
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