Factors Determining the Level of Intelligence in Human Beings

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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In my high school your intelligence level is based on your ability to master material in difficult courses, which is quite different to people the same age in the Amazon rain forest. Their intelligence level is based on their knowledge of the medicinal properties of local plants. In both of these very different locations intelligence is the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations.

General intelligence is also known as the g factor. To be labeled as intelligent would correlate with a high g factor. There are also the theories of multiple intelligences, which include Gardner's eight intelligences and Sternberg's three intelligences. Gardner's eight intelligences include abilities in linguistics, logical-mathematics, music, spatial awareness, body-kin esthetics, interpersonal relations, interpersonal relations, and nature. Gardner views intelligence as multiple abilities that come in different packages. For example, in the cases of people with Savant Syndrome who often score low on intelligence testing, yet have one area of intense brilliance, such as the Rain Man. Sternberg's three intelligences include Analytical(academic problem-solving), Creative intelligence, and Practical intelligence. Analytical intelligence is assessed by intelligence testing, with question having only one correct answer. Creative intelligence is shown by how people react to new situations and create new ideas. Practical intelligence is needed for every day problem-solving, with problems having many possible answers.

Creativity is the ability to produce ideas that are both novel and valuable. Exceptionally high scores on intelligence tests support the presence of high creativity. Sternberg identified five components of creativity, which include; Expertise(well developed knowledge base), Imaginative thinking skills, A venturesome personality, Intrinsic motivation, and a creative environment. To boost your creativity...
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