Factors Determining Gender Identity

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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Gender Identity

Axia College student

A person’s gender identity is determined by multiple factors. There are biological factors, such as the person anatomic sex, and factors that are determined by the way a person acts or feels inside. There are traits that some attribute to being more masculine or feminine because throughout history it has been viewed as such.

Biological gender identity is determined before a person is even born. The ovum always has an X chromosome so the sex is determined by the sperm. If the sex chromosome in the sperm is a Y then the baby will develop as a boy, if the sex chromosome in the sperm is an X then the baby will develop as a girl. The development process of an embryo turning into one gender or the other takes time. Around the seventh week the chromosomes have made their mark on the embryo as one sex or the other with the sex organs having been partially developed. There are some situations where a genetic malformation or other chemical issue will cause the embryo to form an abnormal sexual structure and may become a hermaphrodite.

Gender identity is begins to develop at a young age suggesting that the person is genetically programmed to identify with their biological sex. Many children have discovered there atomic sex by the time of eighteen months and most children have a firm sense of gender identity by the time they are thirty six months old. There are some situations where a person may identify with the other gender, either because of psychological abnormalities, sexuality, or chromosomal abnormalities. Gender roles do most often identify with chromosomal sex.

There are many different gender roles and stereotypes. Men and women have been taught to act and portray themselves in a particular manor depending on the history and culture they belong too. Women have been expected to have certain traits such as gentleness, dependency, kindness, helpfulness, patience, and submissiveness. Women are also...
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