Factors Contributing to Childhood Obesity and Its Preventions

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  • Published: May 19, 2009
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In this assignment, I will review a sample of literature which focuses on the factors contributing to childhood obesity and its preventions. This topic was chosen because as the prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing all over the world (Farpour-Lambert et. al., 2008), childhood obesity has put children at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, depression and low self-esteem (Gualdi-Russoet et al., 2007). Therefore, family, school and media have been regarded as the major factors which have main responsibilities not only to childhood obesity but also to its preventions. The government recognizes that childhood obesity is a complex issue requiring preventive strategies to be implemented with the collaborative working of a number of factors including the family, school and media. (Greenway, 2008).

Numerous databases explored for relevant literature articles about this topic are EBSCO health databases, Ovid, ProQuest 5000 International and CINAHL. Key words used to search relevant journal articles are: childhood obesity, factors of childhood obesity, family, school, media, government strategies and preventions. From the explored articles, diet and physical activity are mentioned frequently as the major targets on which family, school, media and government can keep working to decrease childhood obesity.

From my understanding of the literature review, the following discussion can be divided into four main themes which are covered in the explored articles. They are family factor, school factor, media factor, and preventions linked with one primary health care concept, collaboration. Moreover, several sub theme including diet, physical activity and stigma will covered and clustered together to support and deeply identify how family, school, media and government contributing to childhood obesity, and how they can do to reduce and prevent childhood obesity. Family

The family as one important factor contributing to childhood obesity...
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