Factors Affecting University Students Performance

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Factors affecting university students performance.

We can define student as a learner or someone who attends an educational institution such as people who go to school or university. Not only that, anyone who seek knowledge or information can also be regard as a student. When it comes to learning, what we want to know is the end result. We can achieve this by scoring on exams and test or any other means to evaluate us during the whole learning sessions. Determinants of student’s performance have been the subject of ongoing debate among educators and academics. There have been many studies that sought to examine this issues and their findings point out to financial aid, family support and student’s attitude towards achieving success as factors that affect students performance. Financial issue have become one of the major reason for students drop out. A student's life revolves around studies with the focus towards a bright future. But there is also an addition in their life that has enslaved many students and which every student dreads; and that is financial burden. Fess for university or college range differently from private to public universities. Public universities in Malaysia are finance by the government and give subsidise to students who enrol into public universities. Meanwhile, those who go to private college or universities would have to pay double (sometimes much more) than those who go to government based universities. Not many families manage to pay for their children higher education (Nasri and Ahmed, 2006) Numerous students decide to quit school because their family can no longer afford to pay for their study. Financial problem also lead students to take part time job in order to help their family, meaning less time to study and little focus in giving their best to achieve good result. Because of this, various universities, large corporate companies and government offer financial aid and scholarship to underprivileged students. Research have...
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