Factors Affecting the Employability of Mapeh Majors by the Year 2009-2012...

Topics: Employment, College, High school Pages: 43 (10923 words) Published: February 24, 2013

An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the
Faculty of the School of Education in
University of Rizal System
Angono, Rizal

In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of the
Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in MAPEH

Rayvy G. Atizado
Bernadith G. Faigao
Lara S. Morcozo
Marlene D. Perez

March 2013

Sincere thanks are extended to all those wonderful people who have contributed to the completion of this thesis.
Dr. Marita R. Canapi, our University President, for her greatest effort in the establishment of the University of Rizal System and whole students.
Dr. Juan O. Abarro, Chancellor of Cluster III, for his suggestions and advices.
Prof. Shielanie S. Dacumos, our Campus Dean, for her patience and encouragement to finish this study before graduation and also allowing us to distribute questionnaires to the respondents.
Prof. Sheryl Ann N. Perciano, Head of Education, for her valuable comments and suggestions.
Prof. Celina B. Cerda, our adviser for her untiring support, guidance, patience and encouragement that we can make this study possible.
Prof. Cristina D. Perez, our class adviser, for the advice and moral support that we badly needed during conducting this study.
Prof. Glenn N. Jardin, our research instructor, for his guidance and suggestion in this study.
Prof. Gerald C. Garciso and Prof. Sara A. Macaraig, Panelists, for the concern, patience, and time, constructive criticism and kindness.
The researchers of the thesis entitled “Factors Affecting the Employability of AB Psychology Graduates of the University of Rizal System Angono A.Y. 2002-2006” presented by Rommel Joshua B Mallo, Nympha J. Mitra, Jonathan M. Resurreccion, and Victorino A. Tabbada III where we adapt the questionnaires we used in this study.

All the respondents who honestly answer our questionnaire and without them this study is impossible to produce.
Our friends, classmates love ones, family who gave us moral and financial support, who gave as inspiration to strive hard to finish this study as well as our detractors who also serves as our inspiration and let us proved that we can make it.

Above all, to Our Almighty God for the life, knowledge, intelligence that he gave us and letting this study finished.
Our endless and deepest thanks to all………..


The main purpose of this study was to determine the factors that affect the Employability of BSE-MAPEH Graduates of University of Rizal System A.Y. 2009-2012. A total of 44 respondents from the graduates of BSE-MAPEH of University of Rizal System- Angono A.Y. 2009-2012 answered the questionnaire through e-mail and facebook. This study used the descriptive method and used the questionnaires/ checklist as the primary instruments to gather the needed data and information. The personal information was used to determine the employability status and the other part was the factors affect the employability of the respondents. The weighted mean, and ANOVA or One-way Analysis of Variance was used in statistical treatment. On the profile of the respondents it was found out that majority of the respondents in terms of sex where male; in terms of employment category majority of the respondents are employed and that respondent’s where applied personally to their job in mode of application; and majority of them was employed 30 days or less after their graduation in terms of length of job hunting; and majority of them are classroom teachers in terms of nature of work. It was also concluded that the factors that affect the employability of BSE-MAPEH Graduates of University of Rizal System Batch 2010-2012 do not differ significantly in terms of sex, length of job hunting, and nature of work. The study therefore concluded that the factors such as school, communication...
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