Factors Affecting the College Course Preference of Sbsn Seniors

Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: October 6, 2011
As time passes, our world undergoes great changes that cause many careers to appear. For example, the college course Medicine holds many branches unlike before. There are many courses to choose from but only few are suited for each individual. Since there are many factors to consider, we are much confused on what to pick after we finish our high school life. This confusion leads us to choose professions that are not according to our own capabilities.

Before, we are free to do what job we want to do for living since life is simple. On a community, people only do primary jobs such as doctors, carpenter, teacher and others that does not require such long periods of study to master but now, this is not the case. As the world changes life becomes tougher that in order to be successful in life, we must consider what profit would we gain from a certain job. Due to this, our potential and abilities are not really used.

Because these problems arise, the researcher aims to know how to at least diminish these incidents. By conducting this research, the researcher would be able to propose solutions that would help the students of today.

The researcher wants to inform the readers that picking a college course requires much thinking. This small step would affect greatly to the future of a person. Many of us thinks about what would be the possibility of the future but this should not be the case. This moment is much more important than that.

The researcher observed that unemployment is one of the main problems of our country today. Aside from overpopulation and other reason, people are not also competitive in their jobs. These are the things caused the researcher to conduct his thesis. In order to help the students of today in taking the right path towards their future, this research was initiated.
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