Factors Affecting Student's Academic Performance

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There are various factors that can influence a student in their academic performance whether it is negative or positive Parent’s Motivation should be there to teach their children to appreciate their hard work and guide them as they move along. A student must learn to devote their time and effort and exercise diligence and patience while studying; parents and their family has a very strong influence that affects heavily their performance. The children’s personality and strength in dealing with situations like when they are facing difficulty in school in many activities gives them the strength and courage to persevere if their emotions are stable. Students are likely to develop inner discipline to handle such situations mostly if they are supported strongly by their parents or guardian will reflect in their studies. Some really good parent does not only provide them with sufficient materials they need, they even teach their children to aim high, develop their goals and objective and value their studies. On the contrary if they are neglected at home they will usually suffer such consequences of low morality and attitude that includes the sense of worthlessness to appreciate school and their studies, children in this situation are only forced to go to school but studying is not in their mind and therefore their academic performance are usually low. Teachers may even regard them as usually the problem in the class, it is a primary important to talk to children and discuss their problems in schools in order to avoid the confusions and struggles that they are facing and parents should be the one to initiate discussion and communication so that they can monitor their progress. The time and effort that parents can give to their child is probably the most important motivating factor especially during their first few years in school. Children subconsciously need them and their attention. Peer...
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