Factors Affecting Spaghetti

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Physics IA
A factor affecting Spaghetti

Jonathan Dean
Scotch College

The aim of this experiment will be to conduct an investigation into a factor of spaghetti. Such factors include how the diameter will relate to the flexibility of the spaghetti, or how the carbohydrate content will relate to the flexibility. For this experiment, the carbohydrate content and how it relates to the flexibility will be investigated.

Flexibility will be determined by the angle the spaghetti can subtend before it breaks. Research question
What is the relationship between the carbohydrate content of spaghetti and the flexibility of the spaghetti? Variables
* The independent variable: The carbohydrate content of spaghetti * The dependant variable: The angle of flexibility before the spaghetti breaks * The controlled variables will include:

* The diameter of the spaghetti
The diameter of the spaghetti will need to be kept constant as the flexibility of spaghetti will alter with a changing diameter. With a greater diameter it follows that the spaghetti will be stronger, therefore will not flex as much.

* Length of the spaghetti
The length of the spaghetti will affect its flexibility. A longer piece of spaghetti will be able to flex to a larger angle, therefore it will be necessary that all the different types of spaghetti that will be tested will be the same length.

* The make up of the spaghetti apart from the carbohydrates Because the investigation is into how spaghetti’s flexibility changes with different carbohydrate content, it will be important to keep the content of all other components the same. Apparatus

Material| Uncertainty| Quantity|
Different spaghetti packets with differing carbohydrate content| n/a| 5| Retort stand| n/a| 1|
Sticky tape| n/a| 1|
Meter ruler| ±0.05cm| 1|
10 gram weights| ±0.5g| 20|
Clamp| n/a| 1|

Sticky Tape
Edge of a Table
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