Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction

Topics: Chemical reaction, Magnesium, Chlorine Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Aim: To study the factor affecting the rate of reaction.
Research Question: What is the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction? Hypothesis:
We can predict that by increasing the concentration, the rate of reaction will increase. Firstly the frequency of collisions between the reactants would increase. Secondly, by increasing the concentration, the average kinetic energy of the reactants would increase, thus increasing the collisions. As the products are formed, the concentration of the reactants will decrease, so according to Le Chatelier’s principle, the equilibrium will shift to the opposite side (favouring backward reaction) in order to reduce the effect. Background:

The effect of increase in concentration is based upon the collision theory. This theory states that by increasing the concentration the activation energy (minimum amount of energy required for a reaction to occur) of a reaction will be low, thus forming the products faster and hastening the rate of reaction. However if the concentration of either elements of the reactants is low, then there would be fewer particles to react with, making the reaction slow. Material required:

6 test tubes
1.0M HCl acid (10 ml)
1.0M HCl acid (8ml)
1.0M HCl acid (6ml)
1.0M HCl acid (4ml)
1.0M HCl acid (2ml)
Distil Water (50 ml)
2- Graduated Cylinder- 25ml.
Pipette -10ml
Weighing Balance- (error ± 0.05)
6- Magnesium strip
Sand paper
Test tube stand
Stop Watch
Independent variable
* Surface area
Controlled variable
* Room temperature and pressure.
1. Cut 6 magnesium strips, each of 10cms. Then use sand paper to remove the layer of magnesium oxide, to get pure Magnesium. 2. With the help of the pipette pour out HCl in the graduated cylinder and then into the test tubes as required. 3. In the first test tube pour out 10ml of HCl, and place the test tube in the test tube rack. 4. In the 2nd test tube pour out 8 ml of HCl and 2ml of...
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