Factors Affecting Personnel Performance at Work

Topics: Public sector, Local government, Government Pages: 17 (5801 words) Published: August 30, 2012
Improving the productivity and performance of workers to ensure that local government interventions are efficiently delivered continues to be a major challenge in Nigeria. Human resources are the most important assets of the local government. The performance of any organization depends on the knowledge, skills and motivation of individuals. It is therefore important for employers to provide suitable working conditions to ensure that the performances of employees meet desired standards. Public administration scholars have highlighted a need for an improved understanding of job satisfaction in public organizations (Behn 1995; Perry and Porter 1982) in order to achieve efficient outcomes towards the citizens. Admittedly, job satisfaction is a difficult concept to define or study in public organizations where different issues encounter. Nevertheless, theoretical advances have been made that can assist our efforts in understanding satisfactory work context. In particular, there is a growing consensus that any model of job satisfaction should include the underlying process variables that explain how cognitions and working context affect job satisfaction (Kanfer et.al., 2001). The observation regarding the cognitions is not new. According to the cognition perspective of McCall & Kaplan (1985), employees are assumed to be "information workers", which means that they spend most of their time absorbing, processing and disseminating information about issues, opportunities and problems (McCall & Kaplan, 1985). The experience and knowledge that employees have gained from the present or previous working context plays an important role on how they perceive job satisfaction. More recently, it has been suggested that an integration of work context and employees cognitions may be particularly relevant to understanding job satisfaction in public organizations. If public sector organizations have greater procedural constrains may have important implications for employee work satisfaction because of their potential influence on the job characteristics and attitudes. This study is designed to identify and analyze factors that negatively and positively affect performance of local government personnel in Oredo Local Government Council (LGC) and to explore factors that are strongly associated with improved performance in order to suggest strategies for monitoring and improving their performance. 1.2 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

An effective employee is a combination of a good skill set and a productive work environment. Many factors affect employee performance that managers need to be aware of and should work to improve at all times. To get the maximum performance from employees, you need to provide them with the tools they need to succeed (Anderson, 2012). Within today’s global and deregulated environment, major reforms are taking place in the Public, focusing on improving flexibility and competitiveness (Mardas et al, 2012). Workforce productivity remains a primary element for success in most organizations, including those in government. Knowing what factors influence productivity is a prerequisite to improving performance. Over the years, researchers have found that productivity is affected by relatively few influencers, and workers are generally aware of what those influencers are (Armstrong, 2006; Clawson & Newburg, 2005; Hankin, 2004; Newstrom & Bittel, 2002; Williams, 2003). Based on such insight, a study was implemented to directly identify those factors that most influence the productivity of the more than five million workers in state governments in the United States (State Government Employment Data, 2005). Identification of the specific productivity limiters operative in the government workplace will yield opportunities for significant productivity gains in public-sector organizations. Hence this study is geared towards studying the factors affecting personnel performance at work (a case study of Oredo...
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