Factors Affecting Online Purchasing

Topics: Internet, Online shopping, Electronic commerce Pages: 25 (8698 words) Published: July 9, 2011

Hamisah Haji Hasan, Ph.D Communication Department, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication 43400 UPM, SERDANG. hamisah@putra.upm.edu.my 03-8946 8667 Prof. Samsudin A. Rahim, Ph.D

The study examined the relationship between consumer personality and cultural dimensions to that of purchasing behavior through cyber advertising. Krugman’s Low Involvement theory and Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions were incorporated in the study. A survey was conducted in the Subang Jaya, Puchong and Kuala Lumpur area. The sample consisted of 504 respondents drawn from a simple random sampling. Spearman Correlation Coefficients was used to analyze the data. The study showed as suggested by Krugman’s Low Involvement theory, high involvement products and attitude towards Internet contributed significantly to the purchasing behavior through cyber advertising. Thus indicating the Internet to be better suited for high involvement products and services as well as help increase the tendency to purchase products and services online. Similarly, the study also showed that the convenience dimension of the consumer personality variable formed a significant relationship with purchasing behavior through cyber advertising. Although Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions argued that cultural dimensions influences the adoption of innovations, yet results obtained from the study failed to support the theory as it was found that risk personality which represent the other dimension of the consumer personality and the cultural dimensions failed to support the hyphotheses as observed in the non-significant relationships between the variables and the purchasing behavior through cyber advertising. The Internet Era: Cyber Advertising and Media Planning The development in the new media technologies that range from the Internet, interactive kiosks and CD-ROMS, to digital TV and radio are today ushering in a new era and have opened up new avenues for marketing communications. These new media are not only revolutionizing marketing and marketing communications but it has also influence consumers’ behavior. The advent of the new technology namely the internet has tremendously altered the way consumers behave. The new media has not only offered consumers a better way to view products and services but also has helped created a better

2 relationship between marketer and consumers. Thus, transforming them into a more sophisticated, well-informed and savvy buyers and as suggested by Arens (1999) consumers today are becoming “active controllers “ of the messages they see and hear. Apparently, these past few years have also witnessed the rise and rapid growth in economic importance of a group of consumers whose attitudes, aspirations and purchasing patterns are unlike any before them. Today, they are the new consumers. They are already a potent force in the developed world, and within the next decade will probably dominate consumption in all parts of the world. This new consumers with their distinctive style of consumption differs in their purchasing decisions from that of the old consumers. These past centuries has seen the spread of industrial production and an emphasis on material consumption. Historically, the consumer revolution occurred in certain areas of Western Europe at different times. Numerous theorists have addressed the issues regarding the origin and spread of consumer culture. However, they vary in their interpretation of the role of consumer ideology in capitalism and the specific time as well as place for the rise of consumer culture. According to Mukerji (1983), the development of capitalism started circa 16th and 17th centuries in the Netherlands. Yet, Campbell (1987) and McKendrik et al. (1982) suggested that the original site of consumer culture was England during the 18th century. However, O’Guinn et al. (2003) noted that even though consumer culture was already advancing prior to the period between 1875– 1918,...
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