Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

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In today’s competitive environment organizations thrive and survive on their human resources. Values, attitudes, perceptions and behavior, which form these resources, influence employee performance. It is a key factor in realizing organizational and individual goals that in turn greatly depends on individual’s self-motivation and job satisfaction. 1.1What is job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is one’s attitude towards his job (positive or negative). Satisfaction in work and the work environment is the basic constituent of employee job satisfaction. Employee attitudes and values influence their behaviour. Positive outlook and backup from HR helps modify behaviour resulting in higher performance levels.

1.2Measures of job satisfaction
Unlike other psychometric tools, used to test a sample of behaviour, measures of job satisfaction are prone to subjectivity. However a battery of tests can be conducted to make accurate predictions. One approach is the Global Measure, which measures the overall satisfaction of the job. The second approach is the Facet Measure where satisfaction is measured on each aspect of the job. 2.0Recent concepts of job satisfaction

There is a growing recognition that external environmental factors play an influential role in job satisfaction. Another concept is that performance depends on the overall effectiveness of the organization.

In today’s competitive world, management needs to continuously emulate practices that will attract and retain a highly qualified and skilled workforce. Dissatisfied employees may be forced to work due to unemployment or insecurity, but this is not in the interests of the long-term success of the organisation. Dissatisfaction may be expressed in other forms like internal conflicts, poor interpersonal relations, low trust, stress leading to workplace conflict, violence and low productivity.

Though job satisfaction is difficult to measure and is dependent on a number of factors, management may reduce levels of dissatisfaction and control workplace conflicts through common objectives like career development, training, appropriate rewards and improvements in the quality of working life.

3.0Causes of job satisfaction/dissatisfaction
Since job satisfaction is subjective to individual experience and expectation, personality often plays an influential role. Stable personality traits could influence satisfaction or dissatisfaction at work. Type A’ personalities tend to be more aggressive, set high standards for themselves and therefore are more susceptible to job dissatisfaction. In contrast, Type B’s seem to be more relaxed and, this may reflect on their attitudes towards work. Today, there is an increasing interest in the concept of the ‘person –job- fit’ theory. The managerial implications are that people who get themselves into the right job that fit their attitudes and personalities seem to be more satisfied. 4.0Factors that affect job satisfaction within an organization:- 4.1Growth Aspect:

This is one of the key factors, without which there cannot be job satisfaction. For some individuals personal growth in terms of skills and knowledge gained is only important whereas for some others in addition to knowledge, growth in hierarchy is important. In either case advancement is a key factor to fulfillment. 4.2Compensation/pay:

Adequate compensation drives ones interest in the job execution and their performance. There are a few among us who work not to earn a living but to keep themselves occupied, even if this is the case it becomes necessary that such individuals be paid as per the industry standard. 4.3Responsibility & Accountability:

Responsibility or freedom of action is another important factor that needs to be considered while you measure your job satisfaction. Responsibility...
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