Factors Affecting Failing Grade

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Many factors can affect academic performance, which means how a person does on schoolwork. The physical condition of the student has a great deal to do with that person's ability to do a good a good job on anything and to understand anything. For example, if the student has poor eyesight, he or she might not be able to read well. If the student has a hearing impairment, he or she might not be able to listen to and understand instructions. If the student has a disease, it might impair his or her ability to do the required work. Students with less money might not be able to purchase school supplies that could help them with their work -- rulers, paper, pens, computers, books, etc. Students with less money might have household responsibilities that wealthier students do not have -- babysitting for younger kids while the parents work second and third jobs, working for money outside of school, or spending homework time waiting in line for food at a food shelter.Students might live in difficult conditions without electricity or water, and might have to go away from home to take a shower, brush their teeth, have breakfast, and wash their clothing. Some students are just not disciplined and lack good organizational skills. They often fall under the pressure of their peers. Rather than using good discretion, they feel compelled to follow others (socially), when they really should be attending to their studies.

Scope and limitation

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This Research is focuses on product output which customer
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This Research is also focus on changing preference of
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This Research also studies that product are reaching up to
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A electronic product company differentiate...
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