Factors Affecting Employee Productivity

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1.0  Introduction
When we say employee efficiency this means the employee characteristics and also relates to the speed and accuracy of an employee against the role, job and duties. Employee productivity underpins employee efficiency wherein the more efficient employees are the more productive they will be especially when managed correctly. Employee productivity creates an environment that encourages effective performance and hence essential in management of human capital function. In maximising employee productivity, there is the need to focus on areas of personal motivation and the infrastructure of the work environment, both of which form factor that affect the employee productivity. While the most obvious motivating factor for employee factor is often thought to be based on salary and promotions, this may not always be the case. The question is: what makes employee work harder? 2.0  Statement of the problem

While workers are on the job, they do not produce more simply because they are being paid to do such. This is said to be human nature that is triggered by different factors. This study aims to understand these different factors affecting employee productivity. In particular, the study will determine the factors that are affecting the productivity of Ghanaian workers working in fast food chains. With this, the following questions will be given answer to: 1)    What are the factors that influence Ghanaian workers to work even harder while in the workplace? 2)    Specifically, what are the factors that affect their works positively and negatively? 3)    How do they perceive their immediate managers to motivate them to work harder? 4)    Are their...
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