Factors Affecting Eco-Car Purchasing Decision for Thai Consumers: An Outline

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Mr. Wichaipon Vanaphitak ID:5515353099
Thesis Proposal
Title: Factors affecting Eco-Car purchasing decision for Thai consumers Introduction
On the 13 September, 2011 Thai government have pass the policy to return the tax to first car buyers who purchase eco-car which have the engine size not larger than 1500 C.C. and price not more than 1,000,000THB. As we know Thailand is a net energy-importing country. About 60% of the energy used is imported from abroad. Energy demand in Thailand has grown substantially between 1981 and 2007(Poonpat Leesombatpiboon, Frederick L. Joutz) Thai government has created a policy to provoke the Thai consumer to be interested in purchasing eco-car by returning the tax to the consumer in the first year up to 100,000THB per car, under the agreement that the car have to be manufactured in Thailand and the price the size of the engine can’t be larger than 1500 c.c. which is considered eco-car because with the engine size of only 1500 c.c. or less the car will not consume a lot gasoline which the government believe is better for the country nationwide.

Because Thai government provoke first car buyers to be interested in car that have smaller engine and consume less gasoline with the first car tax return policy it really catches the car buyers attention and also the car manufacturer attention also. With the price of petro rising and the new government policy first car buyers are looking for a car that have low price to match the economy and also fuel efficient. However, according to the energy saving condition, capability of eco-car is limited to some certain level. With this limitation, car users might perceive eco-cars as inferior (Joompoth Sanitthangkul, Ausanee Ratsamewongjan, Wuttisak Charoenwongmitr, Jutamas Wongkantarakorn)

This study is design to understand the factors affecting the decision of the consumer in Thailand to see the factors that of consumer are looking to buy eco-car weather if they want a eco-car because it...
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