Factors Affecting Decision Making Among Male and Female Managers.

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Factors Affecting Decision Making Among Male And Female Managers.

A decision may be defined as "a course of action which is consciously chosen from among a set of alternatives to achieve a desired result." It represents a well-balanced judgment and a commitment to action. It is rightly said that the first important function of management is to take decisions on problems and situations. Therefore, decision making is an essential aspect of modern management. Decision making is the key part of manager’s activities. As we know, most of the working environment is constantly growing with having male managers but as well as number of female managers. Hence, it becomes a question what is affecting decision making among these two different gender managers. Due to this, our curiosity drives us to know the factors affecting decision making among male and female managers.

The objective of this research is to identify the main factors affecting decision making among male and female managers. The research is to determine who is preferred and better in decision making. Is it the male or the female manager? In addition, there will indicate the comparative studies among the managers, the factors of a good manager by their characteristics and it will also indicate the management theory.

This research will focus on the managers in all types sector in Malaysia. The sample is made of Malaysian managers between male and female with any races. The questionnaire will be used as a means of collecting reliable primary data.

Meanwhile, the secondary data will be obtained from journals, books, article and report.

The information obtained from this research will be useful to the Human Resource professionals of the organization in the sector. It will help to indentify which type of gender manager to recruit in the future and which gender manager’s decision making is the best to increase productivity and will be a good managerial leadership to lead to a successful organization.


Main issue is about the male and female gender of being a manager in any organization or department. Due to the question which arises on who make a better manager, there are some aspects are taken into count. Hence, this research is about to determine issues related to male and female managers and who are preferred in an organization.

The research also aims to identify what a characteristic of a manager is comparatively in the male and female gender of research sample. Thirty respondents of employee which came from different designations and salary were involved in this research.

Concisely, results showed that majority of the employees preferred a male manger compared to a female manger as they are satisfied with the male gender when it comes to managing a task or situations. According to survey it is clear that company have to work on choosing the right person for a managerial role in order to make sure that the task is successfully done.

To improve this research in future, it will be better to ask more about what issue do they encounter with the different genders of manager and encourage them to comment on how this issues can be solved by the managers itself.


1. Introduction

Background of the problems.
Women not only face unique obstacle to progression but as well compared to men they may advance at faster or slower rates depending on the career stage, experience different determinant of success and define success differently. Whether or not these differences call for gender-specific models of careers remains unclear due to methodological short-coming among earlier studies.

There is a growing body of literature concerning the issue of sex discrimination against women in management. Differential treatment of women has been reported in selection,...
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