Factors affecting course preferences of first year Engineering and Architecture of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, Butuan City (Chapter 1)

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  • Published: October 10, 2013
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Chapter 1

Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, Butuan City offers six (6) programs in College of Engineering and Architecture, the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CpE) and the Architecture. These are the option from which the first year students who are interested in the field of Engineering and Architecture can select from.

Even before admission to college, students underwent several examinations to assess themselves as to what course that best suit to their skills and intellect. One of the said examination that have always been a major basis is the National Career Assessment Examination(NCAE) which helps the students decide to what course they are going to take. Another is the Entrance Examination which is administered by the Saint Joseph Institute of Technology to the freshmen to give additional information with their capacity. Various examination and various factors influence their decision towards their current courses.

Students’ decisions with regard to course preferences are affected by various factors. Guist and Hagg (1998) stated that each student has unique personality with special drives and abilities. These drives affect their motivation to exert energy to decide. Decision-making opens to the portal for student to assess his/her liabilities and assets and how he or she would want to use them. It is necessary to examine individual decisions in the context of a set of need, preferences an individual has and values they seek.

In the realm of education, students serve as one of the most important element which reflects the schools’ performance through excellence. In connection, they are given freedom to choose the course that suit to their abilities, skills and interest. Decision-making plays a vital role in choosing the preferred course. Their decisions are affected by various...
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