Factors Affecting Cognitive Development

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  • Published: October 13, 2008
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The future development and maintenance of the world is in the hands of the children at present. These children will grow up to be our politicians, doctors and accountants. However these very prestigious positions aren’t just handed out like ice cream. Only a selective group of people possess the qualities to achieve these occupations, mainly consisting of children growing up in a relatively medium to high socioeconomic and loving family. This secure and supportive upbringing stabilises the child’s mental development by providing consistent education (school) and domestic learning skills. However children that are deprived of this (i.e. orphans) go through much tougher experiences and don’t mentally develop the same as others because they are not given the same opportunities. The issue of relative loss due to ill health or accident can put a barrier between a child’s mind and a healthy mental development. Also children that move country are cognitively halted due to the fact that they have to ‘catch up’ with new languages and culture. As children enter the later stages of their childhood, many differing factors can be identified about how they were raised or just by assessing their attitude, actions and abilities. Some children are more interested in getting a university degree, while others are still immature and don’t have any idea of what they want to do with their lives, still believing that after school is finished they will not have to be independent. All these issues will be discussed and verified using numerous studies and tests.

Children that are abandoned by their parents in the early stages of their lives are already limited from developing as they don’t even know their real parents and usually the quest to find their parents takes over from their learning. Children that live in orphanages may also be restricted from cognitive development, if they attend school they could experience bullying or being singled out due to their living arrangement and...
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