Factors Affecting Climate

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Factors Affecting Climate

There are many different factors that affect climate around the world. The most important factors are:-

Distance From The Sea
Ocean Currents
Direction of Prevailing Winds
Proximity To The Equator
The El Nino Phenomenon
Recently, it has been accepted that human activity is also affecting climate.
Distance From The Sea (Continentality)

The sea affects the climate of a place. Coastal areas are cooler and wetter than inland areas. Clouds form when warm air from inland areas meets cool air from the sea.
The centre of continents are subject to a large range of temperatures. In the summer, temperatures can bevery hot and dry as moisture from the sea evaporates before it reaches the centre of the continent.

Ocean Currents

The Ocean Currents of the World

cean currents can increase or reduce temperatures. The diagram to the left shows the ocean currents of the world. The main ocean current that affects the UK is the Gulf Stream. Can you see where the gulf stream is?

The Gulf Stream is a warm ocean current in the North Atlantic flowing from the Gulf of Mexico, northeast along the U.S coast, and from there to the British Isles. The Gulf of Mexico has higher air temperatures than Britain as it's closer to the equator. This means that the air coming from the Gulf of Mexico to Britain is also warm. However, the air is also quite moist as it travels over the Atlantic ocean. This is one reason why Britain often receives wet weather.

The Gulf Stream keeps the west coast of Europe free from ice in the winter and, in the summer warmer than other places of a similar latitude.
The chart below was the first chart drawn of the Gulf Stream. It was drawn by Benjamin Franklin in 1770.
The Gulf Stream - As Drawn By Benjamin Franklin


Direction of Prevailing Winds

Winds that blow from the sea often bring rain...
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