Factors Affecting Academic Achievement in Children

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  • Published : December 8, 2010
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Factors affecting academic achievement in children
By Aaron shen

Nowadays people are concerneed about education so much due to it has inevitable influence on academic achievement.But what is academic success?More and More studies have been taken to show different ideas about factors affecting academic achievement in .It’s clear that teachers’ assistants are no longer a popular point.Instead,researhers found that the size of the class is a noticable factor.Of course,tradtional ideas are still very useful to consture it such as teaching method,teaching equipment,personal qualities,families and so on. Jeremy Finn of the State University of New York and Charles M.Achilles of Eastern Michiggan University found ‘an array of benefits of small classes’in their review.In their study,they drew a conclusion that students in the small classes performed better than those who were in the larger classes.Increasing data and study are proving this idea.Due to all the studies,it’s easy to say why this happens.First,fewer students in the classroom seem to translate into less noise and disruptive behaviour from students,which not only give the teacher more time for class but also more freedom to engage students creatively.Undoubtfully,this will help improve academic achievement.However,some new points are put forward arguing that although students can gain initial benefit from small classes,the STAR data cannot prove that the gains persist for years after a student has returned to a normal-sized class. The example of Japan is typical to testify that teaching method is a necessary factor.It is well known that classes in Asia are large,but why Asian childen do so well in such classes compared to the small classes in American and oher developed countries? The legendary is the way accroding to Catherinne lewis who is an expert on the Japanese educational system and a senior researcher at Mills College.Such discipline is not imposed by fearsome...
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