Factors Affect Chef Acquisition

Topics: Hospitality industry, Hotel, Weighted mean Pages: 6 (1466 words) Published: January 19, 2013

An Undergraduate Thesis
Presented to
The Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant
Management Department
Rawis, Legazpi City

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Degree of


Carol Cristobal

April 2012


CAROL L. CRISTOBAL, , “FACTORS AFFECTING CHEF ACQUISITION IN SELECTED HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN LEGAZPI CITY”, (Undergraduate Thesis, Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation, Rawis Legazpi City, April 2012)

This descriptive study determines the factors affecting chef acquisition in selected hospitality industry in Legazpi City. The qualification requirements include the educational attainment, number of years of experience and skills. Problems encountered and possible solutions by the respondents were discussed in terms of manpower supply, qualifications of applicants and position. A total of thirty (30) hospitality industry managers served as respondents of the study. The study showed a statistical data presentation of the surveyed respondents.

This study was conducted in twenty three (23) restaurants namely : Alibar Restaurant, Boklan Food Center, Brent’s Bar and Grill, Colonial Grill, Delica Restaurant, Gasthof Grill, Gerry’s Grill, Golden Boat Bar and Restaurant, Harbor Work, Kanzo Hall and Restaurant, Kim’s Bowl Restaurant, La Roca Veranda, Max’s Restaurant, Mr. Crab Restaurant, Round the Clock Restaurant, Sibid-Sibid Restaurant, Sikatuna Grill, Small Talk Café, South Ocean Villa, Swaisi Bar and Restaurant, Valentino Bar and Grill, Waway’s Restaurant, 7 degrees Bar and Grill and seven (7) hotels namely: Alicia Hotel, Casablanca Hotel, Casablanca Suites, Hotel St. Ellis, Hotel Venezia, Pepperland Hotel, Tanchuling Hotel.

All of the cited literature and studies in this study discussed the relevance and similarities which give the ideas to the researchers to formulate the process in the conduct of the present research study. The theoretical and conceptual framework, the synthesis of the art and the gap bridge of the study were presented to facilitate understanding of this work. Likewise, this study presented the possible solutions to resolve certain problems encountered by the respondents. Findings

The following are the significant findings of this study:
1. Requirements for the Chef Position
A. Educational Attainment
The most important criteria in the selection of employees is educational attainment, thus, the respondents choose the bachelor’s / college degree and vocational diploma / short course certificate who rank as first (1st) with a frequency of 30. Second in rank (2nd) is the Culinary Course Certificate with a frequency of seven (7). With the frequency of two (2), the food and beverage services management rank as third (3rd).

B. Number of Years of Experience
In the membership of thirty (30), fourteen (14) rank as first (1st) who have 2 – 4 years of experience. Next in rank is the 5 – 6 years with the frequency of nine (9) and lastly with a frequency of seven (7) with a 7 – 8 years of experience.

C. Skills
It showed that in terms of skills, the first (1st) in rank are the knowledgeable in HACCP and other sanitation standard, having excellent communication skills and being computer literate with a frequency of thirty (30). The second (2nd) in rank is the Advance cooking skills and techniques with a frequency of twenty eight (28). The next in rank is having excellent organizational skills with a frequency of ten (10).The forth (4th) in rank is having knowledge in various cuisines with a frequency of seven (7). Lastly, the Knowledge in costing ranked as last with a frequency of six (6).

2. Problems Encountered by the Respondents
A. Manpower Supply
In terms of manpower supply, the limited applicant due to international opportunities has the highest...
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