Factoring with the Four Families of Teaching Models

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  • Published : November 25, 2008
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Factoring With the Four Families of Teaching Models

EDUC 6570
Dr. Karen Riley

Lisa S. McDaniel
November 2008
One of the major topics covered in any Algebra class is that of factoring. Most mathematics educators have experienced the numerous problems associated with this particular concept. Students rarely completely understand the ideas presented during this section of Algebra. However, it is a concept that cannot be removed from the course. Any reputable Algebra course must require its students to attempt to master this important topic. Therefore, I have decided to use this topic for my discussion of the four models of families of teaching. I will be covering this concept in the near future and am anxious to utilize something from each of the four families of teaching models in my classroom instruction. Upon my initial introduction of the topic of factoring, I will employ the model of advanced instructional organizers from the information-processing family of models. The book company that we currently use at Prattville High School is Glencoe. This company provides us with a series of workbooks to enhance the textbook. One of the workbook sets supplies advanced organizers for lectures and examples associated with each topic covered in the textbook. Using the information-processing model, I will give the students pages from this workbook that correlate to the material being covered in the textbook. I will present a lecture which involves examples and classroom discussion. During this class time the students will be responsible for completing the missing parts of the appropriate pages in the workbooks. This will be the first time that I have worked with the notables workbooks in my classroom. Until now, I have followed the advice of other instructors who have not seen much success when using these workbooks. Hopefully, my experience will be different from theirs. Once the initial instruction of the topic of factoring has been discussed, I...
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