Factories Act 1948

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The Factories Act, 1948 (Act No. 63 of 1948), as amended by the Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987 (Act 20 of 1987)

* CHAPTER I.- Preliminary
* CHAPTER II.- The Inspecting Staff
* CHAPTER III.- Health
* CHAPTER IV.- Safety
* CHAPTER IVA.- Provisions relating to Hazardous processes * CHAPTER V.- Welfare
* CHAPTER VI.- Working hours of adults
* CHAPTER VII.- Employment of young persons
* CHAPTER VIII.- Annual leave with wages
* CHAPTER IX.- Special provisions
* CHAPTER X.- Penalties and procedure
* CHAPTER XI.- Supplemental

CHAPTER I.- Preliminary
Section 1. Short title, extent and commencement. -
(1) This Act may be called the Factories Act, 1948.
(2) It extends to the whole of India
(3) It shall come into force on the 1st day of April, 1949.
Section 2. Interpretation.-
In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,- * (a) "adult" means a person who has completed his eighteenth year of age; * (b) "adolescent" means a person, who has completed his fifteenth year of age but has not completed his eighteenth year; * (bb) "calendar year" means the period of twelve months beginning with the first day of January in any year; * (c) "child" means a person who has not completed his fifteenth year of age; * (ca) "competent person", in relation to any provision of this Act, means a person or an institution recognised as such by the Chief Inspector for the purposes of carrying out tests, examinations and inspections required to be done in a factory under the provisions of this Act having regard to- * (i) the qualifications and experience of the person and facilities available at his disposal, or * (ii) the qualifications and experience of the persons employed in such institution and facilities available therein, with regard to the conduct of such tests, examinations and inspections, and more than one person or institution can be recognised as a competent person in relation to a factory; * (cb) "hazardous process" means any process or activity in relation to an industry specified in the 'First Schedule where, unless special care is taken, raw materials used therein or the intermediate or finished products, bye-products, wastes or effluents thereof would- * (i) cause material impairment to the health of the persons engaged in or connected therewith, or * (ii) result in the pollution of the general environment: Provided that the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, amend the First Schedule by way of addition, omission or variation of any industry specified in the said Schedule; * (d) "young person" means a person, who is either a child or an adolescent; * (e) "day" means a period of twenty-four hours beginning at midnight; * (f) "week" means a period of seven days beginning at midnight on Saturday night or such other night as may be approved in writing for a particular area by the Chief Inspector of Factories; * (g) "power" means electrical energy, or any other form of energy, which is mechanically transmitted and is not generated, by human or animal agency; * (h) "prime-mover" means any engine, motor or other appliance, which generates or otherwise provides power; * (i) "transmission machinery" means any shift, wheel, drum, pulley, system of pulleys, coupling, clutch, driving belt or other appliance or device by which the motion of a prime-mover is transmitted to or received by any machinery or appliance; * (j) "machinery" includes prime-movers, transmission machinery and all other appliances, whereby power is generated, transformed, transmitted or applied; * (k) "manufacturing process" means any process for-

* (i) making, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing, packing, oiling, washing, cleaning, breaking up, demolishing or otherwise treating or adopting any article...
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