Factor Which Influence the Decisions of News Editors

Topics: Bad news, Good news, Customer Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Upgrading the news become a popular habit for not only young people but also old people. All the bad or good information on TV and newspaper will be decided by the new editors. There are two factors which influence on this decision are the kind of customers and attraction of news. Obviously, the sort of people who read news is the most important factor because before launching a new, the authors always think about who will read or watch it. It depends on the age, the hobbies and the characters of audiences or readers. In fact, teenagers and elders keen on different news. The old people like knowing about the politic, the murder and so on whereas teenagers find it so appealing to all about the well-known actors, actress or singers. Another factor is whether the readers or audiences will be interested in the news or not. It relies on the reality and the famous level of people whose news is on TV or newspapers. Moreover, the editors have to update faster what is happening around the world every day, even an hour ago, they can catch attention of readers and audiences better. In practical, although many people critic the bad news, it attract them rather than the good news. Then, becoming used to bad news is a common thing because everybody have a sense of curiosity of bad news. Some editors take this advantage to make more money of course. Fortunately, it would be better if more good news is reported to avoid the overabundance of bad news. By the aid of the editors, bad news result in the negative effects to not only the well-know people but also the readers, audiences, especially the young people. The reason for that is with the developing psycho, bad news influence them in a bad way. Thus, good news will help them to perfect their characters and their thought. To sum up, two main factor which influence the decisions of news editors are the types of customer and the appealability of the news. However, people should distinguish between good news and bad news to choose...
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