Facing the Giants

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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THEME: The once mere role of women in the society has diversified.  This has been clearly exemplified by Lea’s role in Lualhati Bautista’s novel, Bata Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa?. Before, women were stereotyped as females who are to stay in houses to do chores, take care of children and their husbands.  They were not allowed to participate in manly conversations regarding work and politics.  They didn’t have equal rights like men did.  And they were not given the chance to speak up for themselves to have their own stands. Now women, instead of staying home doing chores, can be seen in the men’s workplace.  Instead of staying back from conversations, they are now heard when speaking.  They are now given more space and freedom to have their respective and distinctive roles in the society.  They are now seen fighting for their rights and not minding consequences.  They now fight against abuses, injustices and equal their levels as to men.  Women are not seen holding back their thoughts and getting scared of being heard.  They are starting to prove and earn their right to be treated as equals and worthy counterparts of men. PLOT:  Lea thought all was going to be well with her relationships with men, her children and her work for a human rights organization when summer vacation started.  Her youngest child, Maya has just graduated from Kindergarten and her oldest, Ojie is growing to be a fine young man.  But she started having more problems with Maya’s being curious of things and Ojie’s adjustment to adulthood.  She even had problems with her live-in partner and father of Maya, Ding who was basically never home.  Her husband and Ojie’s father whom she separated with many years ago has now come back to bring his son to the States.   And her job required more of her presence taking less of her vacant time for her children.  Lea’s presence was needed by many.  She’s needed by her children most of all.  She felt confused and scared of the thought that because of being busy with work; their fathers might take her children away from her.  But the decision will not be hers to make because she let her children decide for their own.  In the end, all the worries and fear she felt subsided because the children she had loved all her life chose their mother.  And Lea felt happiness and contentment with the company of her children. Chapter 1: It was the graduation march then of Maya, who was still on her way to grade school. With her is her mother, Lea, who was very tense on taking picture shots, Ding, her father, Ojie, her brother, and Flor, Lea’s niece.  It was 8:00 in the morning when the program started in the school ground. After singing the national anthem, the principal started to deliver her speech, then the mothers of different children prepared their respective child in participating to the Miss Kinder fashion show.  Ding and Flor helped Maya in her gown while Lea took pictures of her daughter.  Others put make-ups and lipsticks to their daughters, but Lea insisted on maintaining the freshness of Maya’s face. With the chaos around the program, Ojie asks for a softdrink to her mom, but he was told to go to her Dad Ding.  Mentioning the name of Ding, differentiate with his true father, Raffy, who is Maya’s father.  It was Maya’s decision on participating in the pageant, even it requires a difficult task because of  the hectic exercises and on choosing the right gown, and before the graduation, Maya got sick but this was not enough for her to withdraw to the program.  The talent portion begins, and many of the contestants had performed very well.  Lea begin to doubt the talent of her daughter, while Ding was nervous when it was her daughter’s turn. Maya recited a poem on how she was made, then the audience applauded.  Before the  announcement of the winner, students first receive their diplomas.  And the announcement came, which was won by Maya because of her simplicity and total personality, Ding shouted for joy while saying to the crowd...
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