Facing Proverity

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl Habits

Amari Young
Professor: Martha Johnson
Course : ENG115
April 28.2013

The essay I wrote about explains how a 13 year girl from Korea who was rich and wealthy. Her father’s shipping company, mining business and Hotel Company went bankrupt causing them to lose everything over night. They moved to Queens where it was a totally different environment that she was custom to, it was a poor, ugly, beat up place. When she arrived she didn’t speak English. She started watching television shows like “Three’s Company” to enhance her English vocabulary. She showed a lot of interest what she was doing and took it upon herself to learn this language on her own.

When she started school she was used to getting chauffeured around appose to public transportation. She never did homework alone instead she had a tutor to guide her direction. She was used to maids cleaning and washing her clothes. But now she does it herself and takes laundry to the laundry mat. She’s now learning to do things for herself and become more independent. I believe this was her most important point.

The writers purpose was to show the audience how being from another country and copping to a different place and environment takes time but soon you will be able to adjust to it. She started out as a rich girl having everyone to do for her to now being an independent teen doing for herself, then learned a new language. The writers tone and voice was a lot of sadness threw the beginning when making all the changes with her life. But threw the end she was calm because she learned to adjust to American living. She was making her own decisions and doing things on her own and being independent.

Her genre was narrative. The audience was toward kid or adults that might be going through the same problems and decisions about fitting in at a certain place or new environment. The emotion in this essay varies. She has an attitude of sadness...
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