Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits

Topics: Writing, English language, Dialect Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: October 28, 2012
The essay written by Kim called “Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits” was a very sad but everyday living style. Kim came from a rich family that had everything and in a flash everything had changed. They moved to East Village in New York City and Kim struggled with the new language barrier. She was called names like fresh of the boat and she never understood why she was called that and why those of her nationality looked down upon her has if she bought shame to them. Kim had to watch Reruns of Three’s Company just to learn the English language. Kim was facing something more then just fitting in and learning the English language she was facing poverty and never knew how to. She had a rich girls soul and can’t handle being poor. In my opinion Kim wrote this essay wanting to explain her struggle and how she faced poverty when coming from so much. She wanted those who are going through what she went through feel better about change. She showed it is light at the end of the tunnel and that what those people are going through she went through it so they aren’t alone. To change people ways showing them those who aren’t familiar with different countries and are new to certain things help them instead of giving them their back. Kim explained her story with a settled tone but used pain to help make her essay loud. She was hurt by the way things changed and how to tried to fit in but her soul was somewhere else. She couldn’t watch her mother and father struggle when they had everything. I can’t say I can relate to Kim because I wasn’t rich and moved to a different country but I can say I understand. When I moved to Arizona everyone welcomed us with open arms but I was teased because my accent was different from others. When I moved to Maryland I was in the third grade and again teased for having a accent. I dealt with people calling me “White Girl” because I was light skin with very long hair
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